There are a disproportionate amount of TV shows set in New York City. Supposedly, NYC is interesting, but I believe that our media should be a broader reflection of our country. I sometimes feel like NYC is overrated and we've heard it all; on that note, here are some series set in NYC that are yet to come. 
1. Bodega Cat Bobby: A reality series all from the perspective a local bodega cat named Bobby. Bobby will give us a never before seen view of the lives of the average New Yorker. Tears will be shed, laughs will be had. In the end, were all the same, in the eyes of a cat. 
2. Fast Food Predators: The animated interactive web series will tell us the tale of a rag-tag group of pests with a affinity for half eaten fast food. Fans can submit their favorite stories about their interactions with pests to inspire future episodes. Pizza Rat will be the obvious and gracious guest star. 
3. The Halal Cart: Mockumentary of the most lovely yet mediocre Halal cart employees. Meat will be cooked, friendships will grow, and no one can agree on who has the best cucumber-yogurt sauce. 
4. 8AM 1 Train: A crime drama about what really is happening during mysterious, never ending train delays. Signal troubles, yeah right. 
5. P.E.O.P.L.E.: Phineas, Eric, Orna, Penny, Lance and Eloise are a racially, ethnically, sexually, religiously, and economically diverse group of friends who live in small apartments on even smaller budgets, drowning in student loans with little hope for the future. During the day they work at their media company startup. At night, they prank and threaten Neo-Nazis. 
6. For a Dollar: Guru, Instagram star, and lifestyle icon FJ_Tried takes you around the five boroughs to find the best dollar deals.  
7. Guess the Rent: a game show where participants who have too much time on their hands follow a real-estate agent around guessing the price of an apartment, if they get it exactly right, they can start guessing the price of amenities, appliances, hardware, and furniture. If they pass the 15 rounds, they get the apartment at half price, along with the furniture. Anything they get wrong in further rounds gets taken away. 
8. The Bike Doctor: Doctor Javier Melas nearly dies of a heart attack. He decides to leave his job as the head of cardiology and be a home visit doctor, who travels by bike to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Melas learns more about life, medicine, and love than he ever thought his sometimes failing heart could handle. 
9. -B Eats: Two Star Michelin Chef Amber Hollandar explores the dirtiest places in NYC to eat, proving that taste is just as memorable while having food poisoning.  Vomiting not pictured. 
10. A. Ham: Modern day Alexander Hamilton played by Lin Manuel Miranda rises in the ranks of local government while confronting racism, corruption, and the seedy and murderous Aaron Burr. What he doesn't realize, is he needs to confront the prejudices and immorality in himself. 
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